01370901067_thumbWe, the members of Milton Fire-Rescue, strive to protect the lives and properties of residents and visitors in the town of Milton, the surrounding communities, and the state of New Hampshire. We demonstrate a strong commitment to promoting public safety through fire suppression, emergency medical services, pre-fire planning, and public education services. We perform these duties to the best of our abilities and continuously provide opportunities to further our knowledge and expand our skills.

An Open Letter of Support to Milton Citzens from Director Deborah Pendergast.

First and foremost, welcome to our web site. Now that 2016 is upon us we would like to update everybody on the status of the proposed fire station. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016, residents will vote once again on whether the Town of Milton should build a new fire-rescue facility.  In 2015 residents approved funding in the amount of $143,000 to finalize the design and send the project out for competitive bid. In January of 2016, with all bids received and compiled, the Fire Chief and Eckman Construction put together a comprehensive and detailed project budget totaling $2,795,000.

The design changes consist of a reduction in square footage from 12,000 sq/ft to 9,000 sq/ft, as well as more simplistic footprint and roof lines. The reduction comes from consolidating spaces, making rooms dual purpose, eliminating storage space, and slightly reducing the space around the vehicles. Additionally, the new square footage has reduced the number of bathroom facilities required by code. The revised design consists of all the same components as the previous plan just on a slightly reduced scale. Is the new proposal ideal? No, but it will work for what we need. The 2013 and 2014 proposal fit our needs for today and the future. The revised plan will fit our needs for “today” and “tomorrow” but the 25-year future is unknown. The department made a valiant attempt to address a wide array concerns from the residents and continue attempting to reduce the costs without reducing the quality of the fire station. Some expressed concerns about the flat roof; it is now peaked. Some expressed concerns about the size; it has been reduced by 25%. Some expressed concerns about the project cost only being estimated; we are attempting to finalize the design so it can be competitively bid in 2016.

mfd station

There is a need for a new station in Milton; this need will not go away. The cost of construction continues to rise. Grant money for new fire stations is no longer prevalent. The Town of Milton Department Heads came together to formulate a plan for our capital needs in Milton. Part of that plan is to complete the design for the fire station in 2015 and ask residents to fund the construction in 2016.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the proposed new station and to consider approving the next step in March. Please feel free to contact the fire chief if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at any time.


December Newsletter

Milton Fire-Rescue hopes everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving celebration. Whether it was with family, friends or just yourself, we hope you reflected on what is important to you. As we move into December we would like to remind our followers that we are always willing to answer your call for service. No matter how mundane the
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November Newsletter

October was Fire Prevention Month and Milton Fire-Rescue made a commitment to teach all the children in grades K-5. With the theme of this year’s NFPA Fire Prevention initiative being “Hear the Beep where you Sleep”, hopefully all of your homes are equipped with working smoke alarms in areas of the home where people sleep.
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Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Fires

chimney fire
What Makes a Chimney Fire? Snuggling up to a wood stove or pellet stove at this time of year is so comforting until you start to worry about having a chimney fire. So how can they be prevented? First of all, chimney fires are very preventable because a clean chimney does not catch on fire.
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Fire prevention tips for the holiday season

Fire safety statistics for the holiday season. During 2007-2011 NFPA found that fire departments in the U.S responded to an average of 230 structure fires with Christmas trees. According to NFPA It was found that these fires caused 6 deaths, 22 injuries and 18.3 million in property damage. 1 of every 40 reported home fires
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Milton Fire and Police to take on Nute High School Volleyball Team!

 Come see Milton Fire, and Milton Police take on the the Nute Volleyball team! Friday September 5th at 7pm. $3/Student and $5/Adult. There will also be a 50/50 Raffle!

Milton Recieves Grant for Townwide Communication System

The Town of Milton is finishing up the completion of a new town wide radio communication system.  The Fire Department applied for a New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management Grant in the spring of 2013. By mid summer the town was notified they would be awarded the grant money.  Over the next few months
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Update: Just Six Days After Taking First Donation; First of Many Promising Donations Dropped Off at Food Pantry!

Just six days after taking the first donation, Milton Fire dropped off the first of many promising donations to the Milton Food Pantry on Tuesday, October 8th.  With the generous help of Milton residents, caring people passing through town, the members of the Milton Fire Rescue Department and members of the Milton Public Safety Association
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Milton Fire responds to a reported building fire.

Around 2036 on 10/5/2013 Milton Fire was toned for a reported buidling fire at 49 Elm St. An automatic 1st alarm was started by dispatch. At 2041 Engine 6 arrived on scene reporting nothing showing.On further investigation it was determined that there had been a chimney fire that had extended into the residence. Command canceled
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Milton Fire-Rescue along with the Milton Public Safety Association is Sponsoring a Food Drive for Milton Food Pantry

Food Pantry
Milton Fire-Rescue along with the Milton Public Safety Association is sponsoring a food drive to help stock the Milton Food Pantry. With the sagging economy, it has come to the attention of department members that there is a significant need to help fill the shelves this fall. If Milton residents would like to participate with
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Milton Fire Attends 1st annual Milton Pride Day.

The Milton Elementary School PTA sponsored the first annual Milton Pride Day held Saturday September 14th.  Milton Fire-Rescue Personnel attended with Engine 6 and displayed the newest addition to the fleet.  The kids enjoyed dressing up like firefighters and pretending to drive the truck.  While the adults asked questions about the proposed fire station and our needs to continue assisting our
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